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Project Management

Inspection & Test Plans (ITPs)

All works for Warrnambool City Council (gifted or direct) require an ITP to be completed by the Contractor and Hold Points signed off by the Council Representative for each construction process. Completed and signed ITP’s are to be submitted to Council by the Head Contractor or Development Representative along with other quality assurance documents (eg. CCTV footage, As-constructed drawings and test results) prior to issue of Statement of Compliance. 

Defects Inspection 

For works that require a Defects Inspection, at the completion of works, the Developer’s Representative and the Head Contractor are to arrange for a Practical Completion Defects Inspection with the Council Representative. Following the inspection, the Developer’s Representative is to submit to Council this Defects Inspection with all agreed upon Outstanding Works and Defects for Council approval. 

Project Management Plan

For works that require a Project Management Plan, Contractor are to use the template provided or approved similar document to address the risks around Health & Safety Management, Environmental Management, Construction Management and Traffic Management. 

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