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Council values the importance of young people and the significant contribution that they make to our community.

Young people are vibrant, passionate, innovative and enthusiastic about the communities in which they live. It is the responsibility of the community to support young people and provide them with every opportunity to succeed. Young people are not just our future they are also important in the present.

Youth Services provides opportunities for young people to develop skills in leadership, program planning and project management. Young peoples’ involvement ranges from giving feedback to direct participation in the development and delivery of service programs and projects that aim to create health and social benefits for their peers. It also offers various social and recreational activities and events for young people that are provided within safe and secure environments.

Check out the South West Area Youth Facebook page for more info about youth-based activities, services and groups in Warrnambool and beyond.


The Warrnambool City Youth Council is a youth led and coordinated program that provides members with the opportunity to assist local government in understanding the needs of young people. The Warrnambool Youth Council exists to advocate the opinions, issues and concerns of young people with the goal of enhancing opportunities and outcomes for the youth of Warrnambool.

The Warrnambool and Moyne Youth Achiever Program is an annual event coordinated by the Youth Councils of Warrnambool and Moyne. The event is a celebration of young people’s achievements providing the community with the opportunity to celebrate the exceptional talents of youth in the region.

The next Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Achiever Awards will be held in February 2016.

In consultation with community organisations, the Warrnambool FReeZA program provides opportunities for young people to develop their skills in all aspects of event planning and delivery. The FReeZA program provides young people with opportunities for social participation and skills development in music, cultural and recreational programs designed and facilitated by youth.

The Warrnambool and Moyne L2P Program provides support to young people to learn to drive safely and to increase their prospects of finding employment. A Vic Roads initiative, L2P is designed to assist disadvantaged Learner Drivers achieve the 120 hours of driving experience required to sit their licence.

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