Access and Inclusion

The Warrnambool City Council values the contribution of older people and people with disability to our city and seeks to provide opportunities for their active participation in a broad range of community activities.


Older residents have a great deal to contribute to their communities. In general, they have the experience, skills, independence, fitness and desire to continue to play an active role in society. 
Council aims to ensure that older people have the opportunities to develop their individual interests, to remain independent and to participate fully in their communities to maximize their quality of life in the City of Warrnambool. 


There are over 6,000 residents in Warrnambool who have some form of permanent disability.

The Warrnambool City Council is committed to ensuring that facilities, services and opportunities within the local community are accessible and inclusive of all people, including those with disability.

Community Connections

Being connected to others is important for our physical and mental wellbeing. The Warrnambool City Council recognises the significance of community connections and aims to ensure that individuals are socially connected by optimising opportunities for active participation through services and programs that build a sense of community belonging.