About Council

Warrnambool City Council is made up of two parts: the elected representatives (councillors) and administration (council staff).

Elected Council

An elected council sets the overall direction for the municipality through long-term planning and decision making. It adopts a strategic view of the future it wishes to achieve for its community and makes plans and policies to achieve this.

The council is responsible for appointing the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and are also responsible for managing and reviewing the CEO’s performance.

Our Councillors

Council's vision

To be a thriving city at the heart of coast and country.

Council's values

Council's organisational values are:

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Respect
  • Progressiveness
  • Wellbeing


Chief Executive Officer

The CEO is the only staff member who is appointed by the council. The CEO is appointed for no more than five years at a time, but can be re-appointed for further terms.

The CEO is responsible for managing the organisational structure for the council, ensuring that council decisions are implemented, the day to day management of the council's operations and providing advice to council.

Council staff

Council staff are the resource that ensures the day to day running of the organisation and the delivery of council services and functions. Staff have a wide range of training and expertise.

Council staff are responsible for providing advice, implementing council’s direction and taking action on council decisions. Council officers also provide advice and expertise that help a council to form policy decisions, along with delivering services and implementing decisions.

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