Council Plan, Budget and Annual Report

Councils must plan effectively and report their results to ensure their activities are transparent and accountable to the community and other levels of government. It’s important that Victorians understand how public money is spent and the range and quality of services that a council delivers.

Councils are the closest form of government to the community. They are best placed to observe community needs and concerns and respond accordingly. Council planning is about envisioning and making choices that will shape the future. These choices can be based on a range of factors but are fundamentally informed by local community’s aspirations, needs, values and priorities.

Council Plan

The Council Plan is a key medium-term strategic plan and reflects the outcome of stakeholder and community engagement. The Council Plan describes the strategic objectives, ways to achieve the objectives, indicators for measuring progress and the resources required to implement the plan for at least four years.

Warrnambool City Council Plan 2021-2025 (2022 revision)

Warrnambool CIty Council Plan 2021-2025

Warrnambool City Council Plan 2017-2021

Council Budget

The Budget describes the services, initiatives and major initiatives to be funded, including service performance outcome indicators to help monitor performance. The Budget contains financial statements and other information including capital works, human resources, grants and rating information.

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2022-2023

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2021-2022

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2020-2021

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2019-2020

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2018-2019

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2017-2018

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2016-2017

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2015-2016

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2014-2015

Warrnambool City Council Budget 2013-2014


Annual Report

The Annual Report outlines the council's performance for the year as measured against the Council Plan and Budget. The Annual Report contains information about the council’s achievements during the financial year including:

  • service performance indicator statement and results
  • achievement of major initiatives
  • governance and management checklist
  • financial statements.

Warrnambool City Council Annual Report 2021-2022

Warrnambool City Council Annual Report 2020-2021

Warrnambool City Council Annual Report 2019-2020

Warrnambool City Council Annual Report 2018-2019