Council policies aim to provide the community and Council staff with an understanding of its objectives and approach to various areas of service delivery and administration.

Policies have review dates where they are re-examined before being amended/re-adopted/discontinued as necessary.

Should you require a printed copy of any policies, please call 5559 4800.

Affordable Housing Policy 2012
Asset Management Policy 2019
Audio Recording of Meetings Policy
Borrowing Strategy 2021
Cash Collection and Handling Policy
Chief Executive Employment and Remuneration Policy 2021

Child Protection Policy

Closed Circuit TV Policy
Community Engagement Policy 2021
Community Services Infrastructure Policy
Complaints Policy 2021
Councillor Gift Policy 2020
Councillor Expenses Policy 2020
Councillors IT Equipment - Condition of Use Policy
Councillor Resources and Facilities Policy 2020
Customer Service Charter

Credit Card Policy

Debt Management Policy 2020
Disability, Access and Inclusion Policy 2020
Election (Caretaker) Period Policy 2020
Electric Line Clearance Management Plan
Footpath Trading Policy 2018
Footpath Trading Procedures 2018
Fraud and Corruption Control Policy 2020
Fraud and Corruption Control Procedures 2022
Gaming Policy 2011

Grants Policy
Itinerant Trading Policy 2019
Investment Policy 2021
Nature Strip Landscaping Policy 2021
Nature Strip Landscaping Guidelines 2021
News and Social Media Policy 2017
Open Space Policy 2021
Privacy Policy 2019
Procurement Policy
Project Management Policy 2020
Public Interest Disclosure Procedure 2020
Public Tree Planting Management Policy 2022
Public Tree Planting and Management Guidelines
Revegetation Guidelines 2021
Revegetation Policy 2021
Risk Management Policy
Sale and Acquisition of Land Policy 2021
Special Charge Scheme Policy 2020
Sponsorship Policy 2012

Sporting Reserve Signage Policy 2022
Stock Underpass Policy
Transparency Policy 2020
Warrnambool Art Gallery Collection Policy 2016