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Warrnambool Airport

Warrnambool Airport

Warrnambool Regional Airport is owned and operated by the Warrnambool City Council and is registered under Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) subpart 13.6.C Registered Airports.

The airport has 16 hangars on site accommodating both business and recreational aircraft. The airport is home to Ambulance Victoria, Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS 4). The airport averages about 40 aircraft movements daily with General Aviation Maintenance (Courier Service) and Ambulance Victoria fixed wing aircraft daily users. No landing or aircraft parking fees currently apply.


Warrnambool City Council
Phone: (03) 5559 4800
Fax: (03) 5559 4900
Email: contact [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au (subject: Airport%20inquiry)

Airport Reporting Officers, ARO
Phone: (03) 5559 4970
Mobile: 0417 338 162


Warrnambool Regional Airport is categorised as a “Security Controlled Airport” under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Regulations 2005 and operates on an Airport Security Identification Card (ASIC) switch on, switch off program. Only persons with a lawful reason are to access the “Airside Area” of the Warrnambool Regional Airport and must display a valid “Airport Security Identification Card” ASIC, at all times.


The airport is located 13km north/north-west of the Warrnambool centre within Moyne Shire.

Airport aeronautical and physical characteristics

Air Services Australia ERSA and NOTAMS for the Warrnambool Airport.

Terminal building

The Terminal Building is available for use by general aviation. Public toilets and a public pay phone are located within the Terminal Building.


Free public car park with a capacity of some 30 cars.


No designated landing point is currently provided for helicopters.

Pilot training and aircraft charter

Avalon Air Services
Victorian base,
Ford Concourse,
Warrnambool Airport
VIC 3275 
Ph: 0407 921 023
Email: warrnambool [at] avalonaorservices [dot] com [dot] au

Refuelling agents for AIR BP – Ph 03 4504 2159 – info [at] warrnamboolaviation [dot] com [dot] au


Air Apply Aerial Spraying & Spreading

Phone: 0419 876 826
Fax: (03) 5561 2717
Email: airapply [at] bigpond [dot] net [dot] au

Warrnambool Aero Club

The Warrnambool Aero Club is located to the south-east of the passenger terminal and fuel storage facility.

146 Mailors Flat Koroit Road
Mailors Flat Victoria 3275
Phone: 0429 938 600 or 5567 1101


It is illegal to fly a drone in the approach and departure zones at Warrnambool Regional Airport.

If your drone weighs more than 100g, you must not launch within 5.5km of the airport if you are aware, or become aware, that manned aircraft are operating to or from the airport.

If you are already flying your drone within 5.5km of the airport and become aware that manned aircraft are operating to/from the airport, you must manoeuvre safely away from the path of that aircraft and land as soon as it is safe to do so.

For advice on how to fly a drone safely and legally go to:



Taxi services

Warrnambool Radio Taxis, 13 10 08
13CABS/13 22 27

Car hire

Coastal Car Rentals

Phone 03 5561 4571 or 0408 523 560

info [at] coastalcarrental [dot] com [dot] au

Hertz Warrnambool
5561 2385
0448 038 708
staff [at] hertzwarrnambool [dot] com [dot] au

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