Strategies, Plans and Guidelines

Planning Strategies

Place Based Plans

Merri River


Growth Area Structure Plans

Land Development Guidelines

Land and development projects invariably require the design and construction of infrastructure.

The provision of any infrastructure within the Warrnambool City Council must be in accordance with the Infrastructure Design Manual (IDM).

The IDM was designed to clearly document and standardise our requirements for the design of infrastructure.

It aims to expedite our Engineering approvals and ensure that minimum design criteria is met in regard to the design and construction of infrastructure regardless of whether it is constructed by Council or a Developer.

Sustainable Infrastructure Guidelines

These Guidelines seek to provide guidance on alternative design considerations and materials that will deliver more sustainable infrastructure through:

  • Using recycled materials 
  • Reducing the carbon footprint of infrastructure projects 
  • Reducing maintenance and operating costs 
  • Utilising water in more efficient ways 
  • Utilising materials from sustainable and local sources