Projects and Opportunities

Warrnambool is Victoria’s progressive, growing regional city. Over the past decade, the Warrnambool community has achieved many milestones that have contributed to our City’s vibrancy, economic growth and diversification.

The Warrnambool economy supports an estimated 16,653 jobs, representing 29.8% of the 55,888 people working in the Great South Coast and Health Care & Social Assistance is Warrnambool’s largest employment sector, supporting an estimated 3,279 jobs, followed by Retail Trade and Education & Training.

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Top-rated Regional Town in Australia

Warrnambool has recently been identified as one of the 20 Regional Development Precincts (Feb, 2022) by the National Farmers Federation who recommended more than $1.4 billion in new investment to secure their bright future and to provide a blueprint for regional renewal. A regionalisation agenda can unlock new economic and employment opportunities in these centres.

The top 20 Regional development precincts

  1. Roma - Qld
  2. Tenant Creek - NT
  3. Toowoomba - Qld
  4. Latrobe (Gippsland region) Vic
  5. Emerald - Qld
  6. Mildura - Vic
  7. Gladstone - Qld
  8. Shepparton - Vic
  9. Mount Gambier - SA
  10. Warrnambool - Vic
  11. Port Lincoln - SA
  12. West and North West Region - Tas
  13. Central West - NSW
  14. Greater Geraldton - WA
  15. Riverina Region NSW
  16. Kalgoorlie Boulder - WA
  17. New England - NSW
  18. Esperance - WA
  19. Northern Rivers Region - NSW
  20. Merredin - WA

Being selected as a Regional Development Precinct means that Warrnambool provides

  1. strong social, social service and cultural amenities and services,
  2. economic infrastructure,
  3. skills and workforce,
  4. physical connectivity to national and international markets,
  5. digital connectivity and
  6. Innovation.

Warrnambool Snapshot

Development AreasPopulation Growth

  • An additional 3,200 persons have chosen to call Warrnambool home, representing an average annual growth rate of 1.1%.
  • Over the past decade the vast majority of population growth in the Great South Coast region has been concentrated in Warrnambool.

Land Supply

  • Our City has seen unprecedented levels of land rezoned for residential and industrial purposes.
  • There is an estimated 25+ years’ zoned residential land supply across five greenfield residential growth areas – North Dennington, South Dennington, North of the Merri, North East, and Hopkins.
  • Our City’s second general industry hub is now open for business. Gateway Business Park fronting Horne Rd is a 65 ha industrial zoned business park.

Building Approvals

Our City has seen unprecedented levels of land rezoned for residential and industrial purposes.

The number of dwelling approvals in Warrnambool in 2020-2021 was 407 that was the highest number of dwelling approvals in Warrnambool in record. This consisted of 322 houses (79.1%) and 85 other residential, i.e. flats, apartments (20.9%).

Region 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Warrnambool 334 179 185 214 203 213 204 164 204 407
Great South Coast 709 545 524 538 503 523 584 552 563 960
Victoria 48,836 47,401 54,469 66,987 67,187 65,003 75,617 60,120 60,015 67,680

Building Approvals by value

Building Approvals

The Residential Land Supply Report 2021: It shows a snapshot of Warrnambool’s housing land supply to encourage and accommodate a growing population in Warrnambool.

Infrastructure and Major Projects in Warrnambool

East of Aberline Precinct Structure Plan

It is the major 360ha new urban development plan in Warrnambool providing up to 4,000 homes to accommodate a population of more than 9,000 with 500 job creation

Warrnambool Rail Line Upgrade

The estimated cost of the project is $251.8 million and is expected to be completed in late 2022. This also includes extra train services, a fifth weekday return service.

Warrnambool Base Hospital Redevelopment $384.2 million

The Victorian Government is investing $384.2 million to build a new multi-storey hospital tower. The project will create around 800 jobs during construction and contribute directly to the local economy. 

Hycel Technology Hub @ Deakin University Warrnambool Campus $20 million

The Hycel Technology Hub will be a regional cluster of expertise for researching, testing, optimising and scaling technologies that use hydrogen. With $20 million investment, the Hub will form a dedicated new 4.5ha precinct within the Deakin Warrnambool Campus. 

Lake Pertobe Upgrades

Lake Pertobe Adventure Playspace upgrade work has begun in order to create a challenging, exciting playspace with a greater variety of equipment for children to play on, planting that will provide more shade and shelter and additional all-abilities equipment with the completion in 2022.

Learning and Library Hub

with $20.25 million investment, a state-of-the-art facility for the whole community, replacing the current Warrnambool Library and the South West TAFE library, expecting to be completed in 2022

Reid Oval Redevelopment (Completed)

Warrnambool City Council and the Victorian Government have invested $10.5 million to upgrade and complete the Reid Oval facilities. 

Lyndoch Living Medical Facility

will have the first two stages of the redevelopment with an investment of 32 million.

Wannon Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrade

$40 million will be injected to upgrade the current Warrnambool Sewage Treatment upgrade that will soon commence. This project is expected to generate 122 new jobs to support construction over two years and the upgraded plant is expected to create over 1,500 new jobs and boost regional economy by $200 million over the next 20 years. 

Warrnambool Racing Club Grandstand/Function Room Upgrades

$4.9 Million (Completed)

Warrnambool Racing Club Track Upgrades

$4 million (Completion TBC)

Warrnambool Golf Club Redevelopment

$2 million+ (Completion TBC)

City Memorial Bowls Club Roof and Dining Redevelopment

$2.9 million (Completed)

Investment Facilitation

Warrnambool’s sustained and steady rates of population growth translates to opportunities for investors and businesses looking to establish, expand or relocate.

Warrnambool City Council is committed to providing assistance to new and existing businesses to stimulate local economic activity.