Keeping everyone moving in the Inner North

Everyone wants to get where they need to in a safe and timely way.

As Warrnambool grows and gets busier, the challenge will be how to do this.

Inner North Map

What do we want?

Great Streets- which consider and balance the needs of people walking, cycling, driving and taking the bus. Streets which are designed to benefit everyone; older and younger people, people with limited mobility. Getting this right creates opportunities for social interaction, enabling the wider community to foster independence, social connection, safety and comfort for all.

What challenges are we facing?

  • Space is limited- in our streets and for parking
  • More people want to go the same places at the same time
  • People are time poor
  • Our reliance on cars
  • Some people don’t feel safe walking or cycling
  • Access to public transport

Feedback on the 10 year plan for the future of travel in this precinct

The Botanic Local Area Traffic Management Plan

  • Developed in collaboration with the community
  • To be ready to take advantages of external funding opportunities
  • To find solutions which are cost effective
  • Create safer streets for all road users; especially those walking and cycling

This report provides the background and process which was undertaken by Council and the Community to develop the Botanic Precinct Local Area Traffic Management Plan.

The following is a summary of the feedback for the Botanic Precinct- Local Area Traffic Management Plan Report.

Who did we speak with?

Information session

  • Emmanuel College- meeting with principal, presented to Emmanuel Executive
  • Warrnambool PS- presentation to School Council, information distributed to focus group
  • St Josephs PS- meeting with Principal, 4 pop up session for parents- 5 comments
  • Aquazone- meeting with Manager
  • Warrnambool Botanic Gardens- Information distributed digitally
  • Residents 2 Pop-Up sessions Botanic Gardens- 32 residents attended
  • St John of God Hospital-  Information distributed digitally
  • Buslines- Information distributed digitally
  • Discussion with Emergency Services- Ambulance and Fire
  • Discussion with Local Laws

Where to next?

Thanks to everyone who gave us feedback on the Botanic LATM plan. The results can be downloaded here.

Here is the Action Plan for 2023

Botanic Precinct LATM Action Plan Report Card Update

Email if you would like to be kept up to date on this plan.