Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV)

In 2013 Warrnambool began a rollout of CCTV cameras in the city centre.

There is now a network of 31 cameras in the city centre, Lake Pertobe, Viaduct Road, Artillery Crescent (Cannon Hill), the Port of Warrnambool, Cramond & Dickson car park and the railway station car park.

The CCTV system is a joint project involving Warrnambool Police, the Council and with funding support from the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Cameras have been installed in identified high risk pedestrian areas where crime had been reported, where people tended to congregate and where there were community concerns around safety.

CCTV system objectives

  • to deter crime;
  • improve perceptions of safety within the network area and late night venues;
  • reduce anti-social behaviour and vandalism;
  • improve safety at the Gilles Street taxi rank and near late night venues;
  • encourage increased community confidence and enjoyment of public spaces and retail areas within the network area;
  • support local Police in their capacity to detect and respond effectively to incidents, antisocial behaviour or escalation of identified incidents;
  • approved utilisation of the captured digital footage as evidence to assist with the identification, detection and prosecution of offenders; and,
  • increase community confidence in Police and community safety within Warrnambool.


The CCTV camera network is a partnership project between Victoria Police, VicTrack and the Warrnambool City Council.

Warrnambool City Council owns and maintains the CCTV Camera Network and Victoria Police is responsible for monitoring and managing CCTV images and recorded data.

CCTV Code of Practice

CCTV Evaluation Report - August 2020

CCV Evaluation Report - August 2021

Requests for footage

Images captured by the CCTV cameras are recorded and stored and may be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

Any request for camera network imagery support relating to non-criminal matters are to be directed to the Manager City Amenity, who will advise the applicant of the appropriate Freedom of Information processes.

Any request for camera network imagery relating to criminal matters should be reported to Victorian Police for investigation.

Enquiries in relation to Victoria Police Freedom of Information requests can be made to:

Freedom of Information Office
Victoria Police
637 Flinders Street

Ph: (03) 9247 6801



NB: This office does not have a customer service counter and accordingly any contact must be made via telephone or in writing. An FOI application fee will be payable upon application.

Making a formal complaint

Public complaints in relation to any aspect of Warrnambool's CCTV camera network operations must be made in writing to:

Chief Executive Officer
Warrnambool City Council
PO Box 198
Warrnambool VIC 320