Economic Development Strategy

What is the 2022-2026 Economic Development Strategy?

Warrnambool Council is currently preparing to develop its new Economic Development strategy.

The strategy is a partnership developed through an extensive stakeholder engagement process commencing to provide council with a plan to support industry, small business and our wider community to focus on opportunities which stimulate the economy and enable a higher standard of living for everyone.

Initiatives which activate people, places, spaces, businesses and the community and lead to a more liveable city that helps stimulate our economy is the aim of the strategy.

The Economic Development Unit will reach out to businesses and the community for input into the strategy through various channels such as surveys and one on one meetings.

What is Council’s role?

Warrnambool City Council’s role, lead by the Economic Development department, is to inform, educate, engage, collaborate and empower you as stakeholders to be a part of developing agreed initiatives for the city’s new Economic Development Strategy. Once the strategy is endorsed by council our staff will play their role in partnering or leading the agreed initiatives to achieve the results we all want for our city.