Building a Regional Digital Strategy

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The municipalities of Warrnambool, Moyne and Corangamite are developing a regional digital strategy to enhance liveability, productivity and promote sustainability in the South West.

The strategy aims to provide the Councils, communities, partners and investors with a clear direction for digital activity and initiatives that enrich community outcomes.

“The City of Warrnambool and Shires of Moyne and Corangamite understand the importance of digital transformation as an enabler for the region to become sustainable, resilient and attractive for residents, visitors, businesses and investors into the future,” Warrnambool City Council Mayor Cr Vickie Jellie said.

“We’re excited to be working together to accelerate momentum, address digital risks and overcome local challenges and barriers.”
Corangamite Shire Mayor Cr Ruth Gstrein the Regional Digital Strategy would ensure a unified and integrated approach to digital technology, data and innovation.

“It will create new and exciting opportunities for the region as a whole,” Cr Gstrein said.

“We will build on the regional work already under way to coordinate effort that explore new opportunities for the region.”

“Drawing on the ideas and expertise of our individual communities, industries and stakeholders, this Strategy will ensure the Great South Coast is open to emerging opportunities and is a destination to live, work and visit. This new Regional Digital Strategy is our way forward,” Moyne Shire Council Mayor Cr Ian Smith said.

This Strategy will be co-designed with the broader community and will aim to address the needs and priorities of the Great South Coast region and its people. To be involved and have your say on the Regional Digital Strategy, check out the

Digital Strategy Briefing Pack and register for an in-person or online community workshop and/or complete the online survey.

Community workshop - April 27, 8.30am to 10am - register

Community workshop - May 3, 6pm to 7.30pm - register

Online community workshop - May 6, 8.30am to 10am - register