Building and Property Information

Building contacts

Phone: 5559 4800

Warrnambool City Council can provide different types of information about properties including whether the property is in a hazardous area, details on existing planning or building permits, or if there are any outstanding building notices or orders that need addressing.

We can also provide copies of any relevant plans or documentation that support building permits.

Building plans and documentation search

A building plans and documentation search is a way to access documents from our building permit archives.  Under the Building Regulations 2018 - Regulation 50, only the building owner, or a person with written owner’s consent, may request this search. 

We will provide digital copies of building permit files from our archives that have been provided to us by the private building surveyor.  Depending on the nature of the building works, the permits may contain the following:

  • architectural and structural building plans
  • builder’s information and insurance details
  • engineering details and calculations
  • certificates of final inspection and occupancy permits
  • building notices and orders

Please contact your building practitioner if you are unsure of what documentation you require.


A non-refundable fee is charged for plan searches to cover administration, archive retrieval and transport costs.  To determine if the particular document is likely to be available prior to lodging an application, please contact us to discuss your request to obtain copies of building documents.  The fee for copies of plans etc., can be found in the link for Building Fees here
Request for Building File Retrieval online

Property Information Requests

Under Regulation 51 of the Building Regulations 2018, any person may request information about a property, including the following:

  • Details of any building permits or certificates of final inspection issued in the preceding 10 years
  • Current building notices or orders
  • Information about the property’s susceptibility to flooding, termites, snowfall, etc.

Property information request (Regulation 51)

Note: With requests for Regulation 51 (2) provision of a copy of title with a plan of subdivision/ title plan is essential to ascertain the specific property, for vacant land.