Accommodation Premises

All accommodation premises are required to be registered by Council in accordance with the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and associated Regulations.

Regular inspections are undertaken by Council’s Environmental Health staff to ensure compliance with relevant legislation and standards and to provide advice in relation to avoiding the transmission of infectious disease and hygienic practices.

If you are opening, buying or selling an accommodation business including a bed and breakfast, motel or boarding house you need to register with Council. Depending on whether you are establishing a new business, or buying or transferring an existing business you will need to apply for permits using the appropriate forms.

For registration and structural requirements for accommodation premises, please see Council's Prescribed Accommodation Premises Information Pack.

Application to register a prescribed accommodation premises

Application to transfer a prescribed accommodation premises

Environmental Health department fees and charges

Request for Inspection or Assessment of Proposal

Owner Details

Individual or Company

Premises where inspection is requested

Particulars Requested
What time period do you want the inspection to take place


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