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Wise Warrnambool

Wise Warrnambool

We are a wise city that wastes not. Warrnambool citizens will be environmentally informed, ethically motivated consumers of goods and services. We will have zero recoverable waste being sent to landfill by conserving, avoiding, reducing, recycling and reusing resources at every opportunity. We will significantly reduced land, water and air pollution, including littering and we will no longer be a source of plastics entering the marine environment.

Key programs include:

Waste Management

Council manages the garbage, recyclables and FOGO contracts for the collection of garbage, recyclables and FOGO and provides education initiatives to promote recycling opportunities, waste minimisation and to improve the City’s diversion from landfill.

Barwon South West Zero Waste Map

The Barwon South West Waste & Resource Recovery Group have developed a Zero Waste Map for the region. The map will support the circular economy by connecting the community with local organisations providing goods and services that reduce the amount of material going to landfill.

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Council Enterprises

Council runs and manages a number of Enterprises for the benefit of our residents and visitors.
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