Winter campaign to support local economy

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The Warrnambool City Council has teamed up with over 60 local businesses to help make the stays of winter visitors just that little bit better.

Anyone staying at a participating accommodation provider in Warrnambool this winter for two or more nights gains access to a special Winter Discount Card offering a range of deals at local Warrnambool businesses.

“As Victoria’s largest coastal city outside of Port Phillip Bay, our natural attractions like the whales at Logans Beach are paired with a really wide variety of restaurants, cafes, retailers, entertainment and other services,” Warrnambool Mayor Ben Blain said.

“So this campaign is about helping these visitors discover more local businesses and encouraging them to get out and support our local economy.

“That’s tourists as well as the many people who visit Warrnambool during the week for work. Winter is a quiet time for many local businesses, and we want to help bring more visitors of all descriptions through their doors.”

Quest Apartments Warrnambool Franchisee David Kitto said the campaign was a way to showcase the city.

“It’s thriving, it’s happening, there’s plenty to do.

“There’s a variety of discounts… enough to get people interested to perhaps go into shops that they wouldn’t have otherwise gone to.”

“It’s over a two day stay, so rather than a flying visit, it encourages people to stay in the town.”

“(It’s to) give everyone a chance to understand there is plenty to do year-round in a city of this size. We know that living here, but perhaps people that are visiting weren’t so much aware of it, but scan the QR code, have a look at the list of businesses and realise there’s plenty to do on any day of the year here.”

It’s not too late for businesses to join the campaign. To do so, they can contact Council’s Economic Development and Investment Team on

Cards are valid from June 1 until August 31.