Whale Watching

Victoria’s Southern Right Whale Nursery

Almost every year between June and September, female Southern Right whales return to the waters of Warrnambool’s Logans Beach to calve. The whales often swim within a hundred metres of the shore. They can be viewed from a specially constructed platform in the sand dunes or from the beach.

Location: Logans Beach Road, off Hopkins Point Road, Warrnambool
Admission: Free
Open: Access all times.
Information: Warrnambool Visitor Information Centre (03) 5559 4620

For updates on sightings visit visitwarrnambool.com.au or follow the sightings on Facebook!

Why do the whales come to Warrnambool?

Southern Right Whales have been visiting Warrnambool for hundreds of years. Once they were hunted almost to the point of extinction, but since whaling was outlawed in 1935, their numbers have been growing.

In summer, Southern Right whales live in the sub-Antarctic. In winter, they migrate to warmer waters around the southern areas of Australia.

The females migrate to the “nursery” areas close to the shore to bear their calves, while the males, yearlings and young adults remain further out to sea.

Practical viewing tips

  • Call the Visitor Information Centre beforehand to check whether the whales are in the area.
  • Sometimes whales may not be visible at Logans Beach, even though they are in the region – make time for multiple visits.
  • Please keep off the fragile vegetation and sand dunes, and use the facilities provided.
  • Binoculars or a telescope can enhance viewing.
  • Be prepared for windy or wet conditions.
  • Nearest toilets – 1km Hopkins River.