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Warrnambool Residential Land Supply Monitoring

In 2012, the Victorian State Government’s Urban Development Program undertook an analysis of residential land supply within the Warrnambool LGA. The Urban Development Program report identified that Warrnambool had over 14 years land supply.

In 2013, Warrnambool City Council prepared a housing strategy to guide population growth within the City of Warrnambool to the year 2031. The Warrnambool City-Wide Housing Strategy 2013 identified that residential land supply had increased to over 24 years due to the rezoning of land within designated growth areas.

The Housing Strategy recommended that Council monitor residential land supply on an annual basis.

The latest audit (2020) is the fifth detailed land supply audit since the adoption of the Housing Strategy. In summary there is an adequate stock of zoned residential land to meet projected growth and trend based consumption rates across the municipality.

Supply and consumption of residential land will continue to be monitored to ensure there is sufficient land supply to meet future demand, and identify any impediments to the delivery of allotments in the short-term.

The City of Warrnambool currently has around 2.5 years supply of development ready minor infill lots and around 20.7 years supply of zoned residential land across the municipality.

In total, there is a residential lot supply of approximately 5,701 lots. This is comprised of:
• 4,390 zoned broad acre lots (77% of supply);
• 1,311 infill lots (23% of supply).

For further information please contact Andrew Nield, Strategic Planner on (03) 5559 4486, or by email anield [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au


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