Warrnambool Animal Shelter

Warrnambool Animal Shelter









Council operates the Warrnambool Animal Shelter at 23 Braithwaite Street, Warrnambool.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday between 11am and 3pm.

Appointments are required for dog adoptions, while walk-ins for cat adoptions are welcome.

Lost pets

If you have lost your pet please contact the Warrnambool Animal Shelter during business hours as your pet may have been collected by our Local Laws team or brought in by a member of the public. 

You and your pet can be quickly reunited if the pet is registered and microchipped. It is much more difficult to get in touch with you if your pet is not registered or microchipped. 

Before taking your pet home, you will be required to pay a reclaim fee ($170 for a dog or cat) and register your pet if it is not currently registered. If your pet is not microchipped or vaccinated this will need to be done before it can come home with you.

If your pet escaped from your property or was at large in the community and collected by the Local Laws team, you may be issued with enforcement notices for failing to keep your animal contained and safe at home. 

Reclaiming a dog or cat  $170
Microchip $35
Vaccination $45



Finding an animal

If you find a lost animal in the Warrnambool municipality please attend the Animal Shelter during opening hours, Monday to Saturday between 11am and 3pm.

If you find an animal outside these hours please call 5559 4800.


Pet adoption

Current pets available for adoption

All our animals available for adoption will be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped before joining their new familes. New owners are responsible for registering their pets within the municipality they will call home.

Animal type Single adoption fee In pairs adoption fee
Senior dog (nine-plus years) No fee No fee
Adult dog (over 12 months) $500 $700
Adult dog (six to 12 months) $600 $850
Puppy (two to six months) $650 $900
Senior cat (10-plus years) No fee No fee
Adult cat (over six months) $145 $145
Kitten (under six months) $235 $235
Rabbit No fee No fee
Guinea pig No fee No fee
Ferret No fee No fee
Rat No fee No fee
Chicken No fee No fee
Duck No fee No fee


Surrendering a pet

If you surrender a pet to the animal shelter the following fees apply.

Surrender fees  
Dog $55
Cat $45


Finding a native Australian animal

If you find a native Australian animal contact Wildlife Rescue on 1300 094 535.

Keeping animals

It is against the law to keep a lost animal. You must report it to Council as soon as possible. All dogs are taken to the Warrnambool Animal Shelter.

If you are interested in keeping the animal let the Warrnambool Animal Shelter staff know. If no one claims the animal in eight days, the Animal Shelter will contact you.


Contact the Animal Shelter

Warrnambool Animal Shelter

23 Braithwaite Street

Warrnambool 3280

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 11am to 3pm

Phone: (03) 5559 4591

Email: animalshelter@warrnambool.vic.gov.au


Keeping your pet safe

Make sure you:

  • Microchip your pet.
  • Register your pet.
  • Put name tags on your pet with a contact telephone number.
  • Check fences and gates so your pet cannot escape, and
  • Keep your pet inside at night.