Tower Hill


Princes Highway, 14km west of Warrnambool



Tower Hill Reserve, nestled inside a dormant volcano, is today a beautiful haven for wildlife thanks to the efforts of the Friends of Tower Hill and volunteers. A lake and wetland are features of the reserve, and during years of average rainfall it is not uncommon to see the wetland completely immersed in water.

Koalas, emus, kangaroos, sugar gliders and many species of waterbirds including graceful black swans roam freely throughout the reserve. Located only 14km west of Warrnambool on the Princes Highway Tower Hill is popular among people of all ages for picnics, nature walks and wildlife watching.

A volcano erupts

Tower Hill formed around 30,000 years ago in a violent volcanic eruption. The initial eruption created the outer rim of the volcano and subsequent smaller eruptions formed the internal hills that can be seen today.

Rich human history

Artefacts found in the volcanic ash layers remind us that Indigenous communities were living in the area at the time of the eruption. The area was a rich source of foods for the Koroitgundidj people, whose descendants retain special links with this country.