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Sustainable Subdivisions Framework

The creation of a subdivision is the creation of a community. It commences with a relatively blank canvas, setting up the life of the community that will extend over hundreds of years. The initial subdivision design presents an enormous opportunity to get the fundamentals right. 

The long-term nature of subdivision planning is now set against the backdrop of our climate fundamentally changing. Many councils are currently planning for population growth for the next 20-30 years in Precinct Structure Plans, without consideration of the 2050 net zero emissions targets. 

Despite clear objectives in existing planning policy, which seek to influence sustainable design outcomes in the built environment, there are limited information requirements and standards to support a robust evaluation from a sustainability perspective. 

Funded by the Victorian Governments Collaborative Council Sustainability Fund Partnership Program, sixteen regional and growth area councils engaged HIP V. HYPE Sustainability partnering with Spiire to establish the feasibility of a State-wide assessment framework for sustainable subdivisions by developing a Framework capable of being tested through a pilot phase. Warrnambool City Council is participating in the Sustainable Subdivisions Framework Trail. 


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