Road Management Plan

Warrnambool City Council is custodian of an extensive range of community assets that it provides to facilitate delivery of its services to the community.

This plan encompasses road user needs and expectations within an economic framework based on meeting "reasonable" maintenance operation targets and asset management programs relative to the road network function.

Plan Review

A review of the Road Management Plan is undertaken regularly to ensure the plan is consistent with the expectations of the community and also Council's operational capabilities, a report summarising the findings and conclusions of the last review June 2017 is available for viewing.

Roads Register

The register of public roads categorises all roads within Warrnambool that the Warrnambool City Council is responsible for. Roads maintained by VicRoads, boundary roads maintained by Moyne Shire and unnamed roads are found on a separate list. Roads are classified according to their usage.

Copies of this register are available from the Warrnambool Civic Centre, 25 Liebig Street Warrnambool.

Heavy Vehicles

All Transport companies applying for Heavy Vehicle - Higher Mass Limits, General Mass Limits, Over Dimensional and Crane permits must apply to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Please follow the link to their website here .

Road Reseal Program

Council’s annual road resealing program is scheduled to begin on November 29, 2021, weather permitting.

Work will take place at 53 locations over November and December as part of the $630,000 program.

Freeway, Highway or Road name Locality Segment/Group Name Area (m2)
Drummond St Dennington The Esplanade - Tylden 1659
Drummond St Dennington  Preston - Bath 972
Drummond St Dennington  Dennington Underpass - Harrington 1793
Morriss Rd Warrnambool Hoddle - Raglan Pde 1377
Morriss Rd Warrnambool  Coglans - Vickers 3174
Ardlie St Warrnambool Gabreka - Willow 798
Crawley St Warrnambool  Price - Hopetoun 780
Ardlie St Warrnambool  Willow - Daltons 3402
Liebig St Warrnambool Princess St (Warrnambool) - Nelson 1764
Liebig St Warrnambool  Nelson - Mickle 1761
Cockman St Warrnambool  Bromfield - Jamieson 3154
Liebig St Warrnambool  Mickle - Jamieson 304
Spence St Warrnambool  Kepler - Raglan 3036
Cramer St Warrnambool  Princess St (Warrnambool) - Nelson 5105
Skene St Warrnambool  Foster - Craig 2626
Japan St Warrnambool  Raglan Pde - Skene 1046
Kelp St Warrnambool Raglan - Skene 1056
Kelp St Warrnambool Skene - Coulstock 1356
Japan St Warrnambool  Skene - Coulstock 1404
Skene St Warrnambool  Japan - Foster 1980
Skene St Warrnambool  Kelp - Japan 2293
Moore St Warrnambool Brierly - Aberline 1969
Couch St Warrnambool  Peter - Judith 1296
Wangoom Rd Warrnambool Aberline - Horne (CH 00 - CH 620) 9777
Wangoom Rd Shoulders Warrnambool Aberline - Horne (CH 00 - CH 620) 2126
Wanstead St Warrnambool  Ryan - Fleetwood 2060
Kingfisher Gr Warrnambool  Raglan - Honeyeater 4455
Wanstead St Warrnambool  Jellie - McGregors (CH 00 - CH 60) 3152
Bates Rd Warrnambool  Bramble - Bowl 535
Bates Rd Warrnambool Verdon - Bramble 615
Bramble Ave Warrnambool Bates - Bowl (CH 00 - CH 82) 518
King St Warrnambool Raglan - Canterbury 2443
Bell St Service Rd Warrnambool  Raglan - Jukes 260
Wattle Gr Warrnambool  Nicholson (West) - Nicholson (East) 939
Foster St (West) Warrnambool  Nicholson - Holbrook 713
Japan St Warrnambool  Lava - Raglan Pde 1012
Logans Beach Rd Warrnambool  Blue Hole - Henderson 4356
Lava St Warrnambool  Banyan - Kelp 1849
Moore St Warrnambool  Rowley - Cramer 2393
Cramond St Warrnambool  Harris - Mackay  1115
Viaduct Rd (West) Warrnambool  Worm Bay - Breakwater (CH 00 - CH 206) 2704
Viaduct Rd Warrnambool  Pertobe - Worm Bay 478
Hyland St Warrnambool  Timor - Koroit 2198
Kruger St Warrnambool  Hider - Ryot 518
Bradley St Warrnambool Mack - Raglan Pde 2337
Raglan Pde Service Rd (South side) Warrnambool Mahoneys - Selby (CH 469 - CH 672) 3020
Raglan Pde Service Rd (South side) Warrnambool  Hyland - Fitzroy 476
Helpman Ct Warrnambool Morriss - Bowl 1043
Rooneys Rd Warrnambool  Rongoa - Newfield 1847
Raglan Pde Service Rd (South side)  Warrnambool  Callaghans Service Rd 552
Pickering Point Rd Warrnambool  Macdonald - Bowl 2464
Tooram Rd Allansford  Hopkins Point - Buckley 4655