Registrations still open for accessible fitness program

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Registrations are still open for a fitness program designed to help those with cerebral palsy take part in physical activity.

AquaZone is hosting the Warrnambool FitSkills Pilot Program which is led by Australian Catholic University physiotherapist and PhD candidate, James Czencz.

“We have some participants already but we’re keen to take on more,” Mr Czencz said

“We want to promote inclusivity by catering to adults with cerebral palsy, or a similar condition, and who require wheeled mobility to access community facilities.

“Participants take part in the program over a 12-week period and we can tailor the start time to suit.

“Throughout the program FitSkills participants will have access to AquaZone’s gym facilities with personalised workouts.

“Deakin University is also involved and each participant will have a Deakin health student as their gym buddy.

“Challenges that can be faced by many include not knowing what exercises to do and not having someone to exercise with. 

“We’re really keen to find out whether FitSkills can have a positive impact in a regional setting.

“The project focuses on improving the quality of life and participation in community-based physical activities for adults who use wheeled mobility and are often marginalised due to physical and social inaccessibility.”

Contact information 
Potential project participants who have any questions relating to the study can contact James Czencz, the PhD candidate leading the project on 0407 632 363, or