Recycling advice

Many items can still be recycled, reused or repaired even though they are not accepted in your kerbside recycling bin.

Recycling Directory

Zero Waste

If you are a charity, community group, social enterprise, cooperative, company, private business or government agency providing these goods or services please register now.

Registration is free, head to
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A Zero Waste map is being developed for the region by the Barwon South West Waste and Resource Recovery Group.

The map highlights local organisations who provide goods and services that reduce materials going to landfill.
The map can be searched by council area and by category. Categories include:

  • Recycle
  • Repair
  • Donate
  • Borrow, Share and Hire
  • Sustainable shopping
  • Find services
  • Connect to Community

E-Waste Recycling

E-waste drop off sites in Warrnambool include;:

  • WDEA – 11 Albert St – 5564 5200
  • Cleanaway – 355 Koroit St – 5561 1195
  • Warrnambool Transfer Station – 20 Harrington Rd – 5561 1198
  • Westvic Waste and Recycling – 3 Hammond Pl – 5561 3133

For more information about why and how e-waste is recycled, visit…

From July 1, 2019, e-waste will no longer be accepted in any bin.

Any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted is considered e-waste. It covers a whole range of items from phones and refrigerators to fluorescent light tubes. 

The aim of the ban is to keep hazardous items out of landfill and to recover and reuse valuable and rare resources.

E-Waste flyer - Mandarin simplified

E-Waste flyer - Mandarin Traditional

E-Waste flyer - Vietnamese