Planning Scheme Amendments

The Warrnambool Planning Scheme controls land use and development within the municipality. It contains State and local planning policies, zones and overlays and other provisions that affect how land can be used and developed.

The planning scheme indicates if a planning permit is required to change the use of land, or to construct a building or make other changes to the land.

A copy of the planning scheme is on display at the Warrnambool Civic Centre during business hours or, can be accessed on line at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning's Planning Schemes Online website.

What is a Planning Scheme Amendment?

Sometimes the Warrnambool Planning Scheme needs to be changed to reflect new circumstances. Changes to the scheme are known as amendments and the process for an amendment is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. An amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme map (often a rezoning) or a change to the ordinance or written part of the scheme or both.

Current amendments

Amendment C213warr


The Warrnambool City Council has prepared Amendment C213Warr to the Warrnambool Planning Scheme.

This combined planning permit application and planning scheme amendment under section 96A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 rezones land at 31, and 32-34 Riverview Terrace; Serendipity Drive; Casuarina Court, and properties at 4, 6, and 10-12 Hopkins Point Road, Warrnambool from Rural Living Zone to General Residential Zone 1. The amendment also deletes Schedule 2 of the Design and Development Overlay from the land and applies Schedule 17 of the Design and Development Overlay, with a number of minor changes to the content of Schedule 17. Planning permit application PP2022-0060 seeks approval for the two (2) lot subdivision of the land at Lot 1 PS 317314K, known as 32 Riverview Terrace, Warrnambool.

C213warr map

Pursuant to Section 96C(1) (b) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, the amendment documents are available to view:
•    at the state government website with the following link

The Amendment and planning permit application will be exhibited for one (1) month in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The amendment is on formal public exhibition between 18 April 2024 and 20 May 2024.The closing date for submissions is 20 May 2024.  

Submissions to the amendment and planning permit application may be forwarded to Morteza Mirgholami (and marked as Submission on Amendment C213warr), via email

Should you have further enquiries feel free to contact Strategic Planner Morteza Mirgholami at (03) 5559 4800 or

Notice of Preparation for Combined Amendment and Permit Exhibition
Amendment C214warr


The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C214warr to the Warrnambool Planning Scheme.

Amendment C214 came into effect on the 16 May 2024.  It now forms part of the Warrnambool Planning Scheme.

Amendment C214warr facilitates the implementation of the Warrnambool Eastern Activity Centre Structure Plan (Mesh Pty Ltd, February 2020) by rezoning the land at 19 Horne Road, Warrnambool from Farming Zone (FZ) to the Commercial 2 Zone (C2Z); applying the Design and Development Overlay (DDO) Schedule 18 to the land; applying the Development Plan Overlay (DPO) Schedule 15 to the land; and correcting anomalies in Clause 11.03-1L-04 and the Schedule to Clause 72.08.

A copy of the Amendment can be inspected, free of charge, at the Department of Transport and Planning website at or by contacting 1800 789 386 to arrange a time to view the Amendment.

A copy of the Amendment can also be inspected, free of charge, during office hours, at the offices of the Warrnambool City Council, 25 Liebig Street, Warrnambool and online via the link in the column to the left of this text.

Amendment C205warr

Warrnambool Planning Scheme Amendment C205warr

Amendment C205warr seeks to introduce/or revise the application of flood controls within part of the Merri River and Russells Creek catchments in North Warrnambool, which was undertaken in conjunction with Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority. 

Detailed information on Amendment C205warr can be found by following the link at the left.
Exhibition of Amendment C205warr closed on 12 November 2021 and submissions were presented to Council at its meeting on 7 February 2022. Council resolved to refer all submissions to an Independent Panel to be appointed by the Minister for Planning, for consideration.  
The Panel Hearing was held on 26 April 2022, and the Panel’s report has now been received. Please follow the link at the right to the Panel’s report.

Next Step

Council will consider the Panel’s report and recommendations at an upcoming Council meeting.

Enquiries can be emailed to or by contacting the City Strategy Team on 5559 4800.

Fact Sheet

Explanatory Report

Panel Directions and Timelines

North Warrnambool Floodplain Management Plan (2010)

Russells Creek Flood Mitigation - As Constructed Flood Modelling (2017)

Map Book

Consideration of Submissions (Council Report, Feb 2022)

Planning Scheme Amendment - Flood Modelling Peer review - Expert Opinion Report

Council submission to the Independent Planning Panel

The Panel's Report

Exhibition of Amendments

Amendments are generally on exhibition for one month, notice of when an amendment is on exhibition appears in the Warrnambool Standard generally on a Wednesday and Saturday.

Anyone can view the amendment when on exhibition at Council’s Civic Centre located at 25 Liebig Street, Warrnambool.

Having your say

If you are affected by a planning scheme amendment, you can influence what is proposed and what gets approved. Anyone can inspect the amendment and make a submission if they have concerns about it.

Submissions must be in writing to Warrnambool City Council, PO Box 198, Warrnambool, VIC, 3280 and received by the last day of exhibition.


For all enquiries regarding planning scheme amendments, including rezonings, please contact our City Strategy and Development Team:

By phone 
(03) 5559 4800

By mail 
City Strategy and Development
Warrnambool City Council
PO Box 198 Warrnambool VIC 3280

By email

In person 
Warrnambool Civic Centre
25 Liebig Street,
Warrnambool Office hours: 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday