New life for historic timber

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Large timber beams formerly used as part of Edwards Bridge and Wollaston Bridge have just been installed as part of the new McGennans amenity block currently under construction.

The timber, which is over a century old, was retained following major works in recent years that saw both the Wollaston and Edwards bridges receive major upgrades.

Warrnambool Mayor Debbie Arnott said that she was delighted to see the historic timber recycled in such a positive way.

“These amazing timber beams have serves the community for over 128 years and it’s really great to be able to re-use them and to have them continue to serve the community into the future,” she said.

“If you just see the size and magnitude of them, they’re just spectacular. It’s a really thrilling part of this new amenity block.”

The new building, identified as a priority in the Lake Pertobe Master Plan, will feature improved accessibility, baby change tables, bench seats and external warm showers.

“It’s being built to withstand the elements,” Cr Arnott said. 

“Being so close to the ocean, there’s such a corrosive factor here and when you have a look at the building, you’ll see just how strong and sturdy it is.

“It has also been designed for passive surveillance, which means at any time the police can drive by and see through the amenity block. 

“There’s also a CCTV camera on the road that has a 360 degree view.”

This $814,000 project is being funded via Council and the Australian Government's Building Better Regions Fund.

The new amenity block is scheduled to be finished in October.