Lights on at Reid Oval

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In another big milestone for the Reid Oval Redevelopment, the oval’s lights were tested and aligned on Tuesday December 14.

Specialised staff from DeAraugo & Lea Electrical adjusted the lights on the 30m towers and mapped out a grid during the day, before the oval was lit up at night and a light meter gathered data from all areas of the playing surface.

Reid Oval Project Control Group Chair Cr Debbie Arnott said that the ability to host night matches was one of the key pillars of the upgrade.

“At the beginning of the project, a minimum lighting standard of 200 lux was established to allow for night football matches, but with the lighting infrastructure we have been able to install, 300 lux and night cricket matches became possible,” she said.

“The lights are energy efficient LEDs, and they have the potential to be dimmed when 300 lux isn’t necessary, further saving on energy costs.

“And because we are using LEDs, and the poles are 30m high, glare will be less of an issue, which is especially important if you’re trying to take a catch down at long on.

“Night matches at Reid Oval are something that I think will be really special, and I’m sure the cricket and football communities will fully embrace them. 

“There are already plans for a night cricket match in January, so everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits of the lighting upgrade very soon.

“The finishing touches are currently being applied to Warrnambool's premier sporting facility and I’m looking forward to the first game as part of U17s Country Week on January 3.”

In other Reid Oval news, a perimeter footpath has just been completed.

“The perimeter path was in the initial project scope but was included as an option to ensure the project could be delivered on budget,” Cr Arnott said.

“As there have been no unexpected budget overruns, the path has been able to be included. The path will make the full perimeter of the oval accessible for everyone and improve the amenity of the site overall.”

The Reid Oval Redevelopment is a $10.7 million project funded by the Victorian Government (via Sport and Recreation Victoria and Regional Development Victoria), the Warrnambool City Council (via the Victorian Government’s Community Sports Infrastructure Loans Scheme), the AFL (via the Australian Football Facilities Fund) and Cricket Victoria (via the Australian Cricket Infrastructure Fund).