Five year program to build smoother footpaths in the CBD

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The asphalt footpaths in the Warrnambool CBD will all be renewed in stages over the next five years.

This will involve all asphalt footpaths from Henna to Banyan streets and Merri Street to Raglan Parade having their foundations rebuilt with new asphalt replacing old.

Warrnambool City Council Chief Executive Officer Peter Schneider said that CBD businesses and residents impacted by the works would receive advanced notice as to when their section of footpath will be worked on.

“While the scale of works won’t be anywhere near what we saw in Liebig Street, there will still be some disruptions – typically between two and four weeks per section,” he said.

“We have already written to CBD businesses and residents that may be impacted to give them on overview of the program, and we will be in touch again when we have timeframes confirmed for the section of footpath in front of their property.

“Footpaths, like roads, playgrounds or any other pieces of infrastructure, have a finite lifespan and eventually the time comes where they need to be replaced.

“Outside of Liebig Street, the footpaths in the CBD vary significantly in their age and condition, with some several decades old.

“The asphalt on many of these footpaths is patchy and uneven in multiple areas.

“While we always aim to deal with hazards promptly, rebuilding the footpath will create a smoother and more consistent surface, making it easier for everyone to get around.

“The project will mostly be a like-for-like replacement, however there may be some opportunities for improved accessibility in some areas.

“We will also be working with service authorities to see if there’s the potential for them to carry out any underground works on their assets at the same time.

“It’s not up to Council to decide when these agencies dig up footpaths to access their underground infrastructure, but it makes sense to work together where we can to keep the new footpaths looking their best for longer.

“City centre businesses or residents with any concerns or suggestions are encouraged to get in touch with us so that our team can have a chat with you and see how we can work together.”

To speak about the project, call 5559 4800 or email