Feral Cat Traps

Control of cats

The owner of any cat must confine the cat to the owner’s property, either within the dwelling or within another escape-proof building between the hours of sunset and sunrise.

Penalty: 5 penalty units

The Victorian State Government sets the value of Infringement Penalty Units, to find out more click here

What is a cat trap?

A cat trap is made of wire and looks like a rectangle box with a metal plate on the floor. It does not hurt the cat.

Hire a cat trap from Council

There is a hire fee of $30 for the use of the trap. The $30 fee covers:

  • Hire and maintenance of the traps.
  • Officer delivery and collection of the traps.
  • Rehouse/euthanasia of the cat.

There is usually a waiting period to borrow a trap as this service is fairly popular.
Council may decide a property is not suitable and will not leave a Council trap.

Cat cage service hire agreement

Your responsibilities

When you hire a trap, you agree to look after the cat you trap for a short time. For example, you must feed the trapped cat and keep it warm. If you hurt a trapped animal, it is animal cruelty.

  • You must notify immediate neighbours within the vicinity of the trap site to enable them to confine their pets.
  • You must contact Council between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday to collect the trap/feral cat.
  • Do not set the trap over a weekend or public holiday.
  • Do not trap known pets.

What happens to the cat?

Council collects the cat and takes it to the Warrnambool Animal Shelter. Staff assess the cats to see if they can be are adopted. Cats for adoption are microchipped and desexed. Cats that are feral, diseased or not suitable for adoption are painlessly put to sleep.