Dog owners encouraged to do the right thing

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Stepping in or dodging dog poo left on footpaths can spoil a walk or shopping experience.

Dog owners are reminded to pick up after their dogs and to carry a bag with them for this purpose.

“The overwhelming majority of dog owners collect and bin their pet’s droppings but unfortunately a small number of dog owners are not doing the right thing,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Richard Ziegeler said.

“Along with excrement left along popular walking trails such as the Promenade we’re seeing dog poo left on city centre footpaths, including Liebig Street.

“This creates a serious problem for shop-owners and shoppers alike.

“And while Council staff clean Liebig Street daily, a small number of pet owners acting irresponsibly can quickly spoil someone’s day.

“We also see some owners go to the trouble of bagging their pet’s offerings then leaving the bag on the Promenade.

“With the nearest bin in these popular areas never more than five minutes away we would encourage people to complete the job and bin the bag.

“So we’re appealing to all dog owners to do the right thing, remember to take a bag with you when you take your dog for a walk.”