Celebrating a 30 year relationship with Miura, Japan

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While the COVID-19 pandemic prevented any in-person ceremony, representatives of Warrnambool and Miura met virtually on October 19 to officially recognise the 30 year anniversary of the sister city relationship between the two cities.

President of the Miura City International Friendship Association Mr Tsuchida, who has been a constant in the relationship since 2005, said that he was very happy to be able to attend the ceremony despite the pandemic.

“I would like to thank Mr. David Mackenzie, who was very helpful during my visit to Warrnambool, and everyone in Warrnambool for continuing the sister city relationship over the years,” Mr Tsuchida said.
“I have visited Warrnambool on two occasions, and I am very impressed by the way you value nature, history and culture.
“In addition, the young people of Miura were given the opportunity to come into contact with foreign cultures, and I was able to make the most of this very interesting time for their growth.

“I would like to make an effort to build a deeper relationship in the future.  

“I would like to conclude my greetings with the hope that the day we can meet next time is near.”

Warrnambool Mayor Cr Vicki Jellie said that the relationship, which began in 1992, is a very important one for the people of Warrnambool.

“What a wonderful, enduring relationship it has been and continues to be between our two cities,” she said.

“We’ve shared many visits over the years and many young people from Warrnambool have enjoyed the opportunity to immerse themselves in Japanese culture through the exchange program.

“Awareness, education, tolerance and a celebration of all we share and all that is different between nations and cities are keys to a peaceful world.

“I hope that future generations will be able to broaden their horizons through cultural exchanges for many years to come.”