Blue Warrnambool

Water is for life. We will care for and regenerate our waterways, our coast and marine environment and support a natural water cycle. We will carefully use rainwater to contribute to the amenity of the city by bringing water management and green infrastructure together. 

Water conservation and water sensitive urban design, including improved stormwater systems, will improve our waterway and marine health. We will capture rainwater and reuse stormwater to reduce our reliance on depleting water sources.

The waterways and wetlands are a significant asset to Warrnambool with the Hopkins River, Merri River and its tributaries of Russell’s Creek and the Yangery Creek all falling within the boundaries of Warrnambool City.

These waterways play an important role environmentally, providing an invaluable wildlife corridor containing habitat and feeding grounds. These areas also provide many social benefits by serving as valuable recreational fisheries and other sporting activities.


When it rains water is transferred to the stormwater system where it is carried to the nearest waterway. Stormwater collects materials from roads which can contaminate the environment with pollutants such as oil from cars, leaf litter, dog droppings, cigarette butts and litter including water bottles.

Council is committed to protecting and enhancing the local waterways by improving the quality of stormwater draining from the urban areas. Council and the Federal Government have committed to improving the health of our waterways by installing a Gross Pollutant Trap to treat stormwater before it drains into Lake Pertobe.

What can I do to protect our waterways?

  • Bin all your litter
  • Keep drains clear of rubbish
  • Bin all cigarette butts
  • Pick up after your dogs in parks and streets
  • Don’t use pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers when rain is predicted
  • Ensure your car is serviced and not leaking oil
  • Don’t tip any liquids down the drain
  • Visit the EPA website for more information

Key programs include:

Albert Park Integrated Water Management Plan 

The Albert Park Integrated Water Management (IWM) Plan builds on the IWM Framework for Victoria (DELWP, August 2017) by investigating and identifying opportunities to implement IWM measures within Albert Park. 

The vision for the Albert Park IWM Plan is “A leading recreation reserve demonstrating a water sensitive approach that supports facilities and enhances the natural environment and community understanding of the value of water.”