2022 road resealing program begins

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The lifespan of 14km of Warrnambool’s road network will be extended with Council’s annual road resealing program beginning this week.

The $670,000 program sees a new bitumen seal sprayed onto road surfaces before a layer of aggregate is rolled in to create a new waterproof layer.

See the full list of streets to be resealed

Warrnambool City Council Chief Executive Officer Peter Schneider said that road resealing was an important way of preventing roads from deteriorating ahead of time.

“As roads get older, small cracks begin to form in their surface,” he said. 

“Over time, or following heavy rain, water can seep through these cracks and disrupt the foundations of the road, eventually causing a pothole.

“By re-applying this waterproof top layer of bitumen, we can prevent more expensive repairs down the track.

“This layer also makes roads safer as it improves traction for vehicles.“53 sections of road have been identified as being due for a reseal this year, and while they may look like they are in good condition, they have all developed cracks and need to be resealed to make sure bigger problems don’t develop.

“It’s like taking your car to the mechanic for a regular service rather than waiting for it to breakdown.”

Warrnambool City Council has once again partnered with the Corangamite Shire Council on a joint tender for the resealing works.

“By combining the roads that need to be resealed across Warrnambool and Corangamite, we can get the work done for less than what it would cost if we put out individual tenders,” Mr Schneider said.

“It just makes sense to work together, it’s a win-win.”

The works will be finished before Christmas.