Youth Showcase

2022 Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Showcase

The 2022 Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Showcase will come to life in September as part of Victorian Youth Week.

Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Showcase is a partnership between Warrnambool City Council and Moyne Shire Council. Each year we send out an expression of interest and invite artists, musicians, performers, designers, film makers and more to share their work across a number of platforms designed especially to showcase the amazing things our young people do.

Just like the individuals represented, each year’s Showcase takes on a unique character that responds to the work submitted.

Keep an eye on this page for details about the 2022 Youth Showcase Expression of Interest.

2021 Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Showcase

The 2021 Youth Showcase featured more than 50 local artists and performers in a series of virtual and in-person exhibitions and events. The program included the launch of awesome new platforms for showcasing the diverse talents of our region’s young people, these include The Up in Lights Gallery and Scan Me Gallery in Timor Walk Warrnambool and the Moyne Virtual Gallery.

Watch the 2021 Warrnambool & Moyne Youth Showcase “Laneway Art Thing” Livestream below:

Visit the Moyne Virtual Gallery here:

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