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Wollaston Bridge Upgrade
Wollaston Bridge

Wollaston Bridge

Note: Council have temporarily removed one of the red dust cover turrets on the Wollaston Heritage Bridge for repair and will be reinstalled shortly

The Wollaston Heritage Bridge is undergoing maintenance work to ensure it remains an important historical and functional piece of infrastructure for years to come.


The first of the four stages of structural conservation works for the Wollaston Heritage Bridge is complete and included:

Replacement of timber cross girders (beams) in natural finish

Installation of new metal bracing rods and painting

Replacement of timber blocks atop posts and painting


The second stage for the structural conservation works for the Wollaston Heritage Bridge involves:

Replacement of the transverse timber decking planks and kerb in natural finish

Installation of new sub deck timber cross bracings in natural finish


The third stage for the structural conservation works for the Wollaston Heritage Bridge involves: 

Installation of the concrete abutments with balance of timber cross girders (beams) and replacement end posts

Replacement of timber bottom truss/chord in natural finish


The final stage for the structural conservation works for the Wollaston Heritage Bridge involves:

Replace of section of timber top truss/chord and several replacement stays

Replacement of several timber posts between the timber truss/chords

Painting the nominated metal and timber components


To retain the architectural, aesthetic and historical importance of Wollaston Heritage Bridge the structural conservation works will not diminish, distort or in any way undermine or change the cultural or historic significance of the place.

There is no change to the size, placement or connection of the structural members and the colour scheme will be retained, noting the improvements in safety for pedestrian and cyclists.

Any new timbers are unpainted will require time before weathering of the timber occurs and there will be some visual distinction between old and new components to retain some of the original fabric of the bridge.



Stage 1 of 4: Replace Cross Beams, Bracing and Blocks is complete

Stage 2 of 4: Replace Decking, Kerb and Sub Bracing is to occur between 29 July 2019 to mid-August 2019

Stage 3 of 4: Replace Abutments, End Posts and Bottom Truss/ Chord is to schedule to occur between mid-August 2019 and due for completion by early October 2019

The completion of the entire structural conservation works (weather permitting) is due to be completed by November 2019.


Traffic Impact

Stage 1 of 4: Works completed

Stage 2 and 3 of 4:  Council will implement a one way traffic control from 29 July 2019 for up to 10 weeks on Wollaston Road Vehicular Bridge with a dedicated pedestrian and cyclist access lane.  There will be NO PUBLIC ACCESS on Wollaston Heritage Bridge for public safety however, localised construction zones will be established for the delivery and installation of replacement timber on the Wollaston Heritage Bridge. 

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