Warrnambool Youth Circle

The Warrnambool Youth Circle is a new program that replaces the Warrnambool Youth Council.

If you require any assistance with your application or for further information contact the Youth Engagement Coordinator Becky Nevin Berger for more information 5559 4478 rnevinberger@warrnambool.vic.gov.au

The Warrnambool Youth Circle supports people aged 12 – 25 years old to confidently advocate for the needs and aspirations of young people. This youth led program provides members with the opportunity to assist local government and broader community in working with young people in the shared goal of enhancing opportunities and outcomes for the youth of Warrnambool.


The Warrnambool Youth Circle exists to create a space to celebrate and champion the diverse voices, experiences, and aspirations of Warrnambool’s young people.


The Warrnambool Youth Circle collaborates with Council and across community to foster a safe and connected City where young people are valued, share equal access to opportunities, and participate in decisions that affect them and their communities.

Guiding Themes

Youth Participation

A space in which young people are encouraged and supported to express their concerns, share their ideas and develop solutions to issues facing them and their communities

Connection and Collaboration

Connect and collaborate with Council, service providers, young people and the wider community to shine a light on youth matters by increasing youth focused opportunities and activities.


Initiate and contribute to leadership opportunities that promote youth development and participation


Encourage and enhance the rights and responsibilities of young people to live in a safe, healthy and inclusive community.


Actively promote Youth Circle and youth issues to increase the recognition of young people in our community.

What does commitment to the Warrnambool Youth Circle look like?

The first Youth Circle meeting will happen:

6:00 – 8:00 pm Tuesday 16 August

Future Youth Circle meeting dates to be confirmed.



The Youth Circle meets eight times per year. Wherever possible these meetings will be held in-person at the Archie Graham Centre on Timor St but where necessary they will be held via Zoom.

On occasions meetings, activities, and events need to be conducted on weekend or during school holidays, wherever possible advance notice is given for this. Youth Circle members need to be able to attend most meetings in order to maintain a meaningful participation in the Youth Circle and build connection with other members.

Youth Circle activities require members to communicate outside of scheduled meetings, as well as completing some activities outside of meeting times.


Accessibility & Inclusion

Warrnambool Youth Circle meetings are held in an accessible building and are a safe and inclusive space that values the diverse perspectives of young people from different background and experiences.

We understand that everyone has different needs, and that we sometimes require extra support to participate in programs like this, this may include bringing a carer, requiring a translator, using hearing loop, support with transport, assistance to pay for data to access meetings via Zoom etc.

Please let us know about any additional support you may need to participate in Youth Circle meetings.

Youth Circle Registration Process

If you are interested in joining the Warrnambool Youth Circle, please complete the application form below.


Youth Circle seeks to represent the voices Warrnambool’s diverse youth community. At least one representative from each of Warrnambool’s secondary and tertiary education providers are sought to make-up the Youth Circle. Young people who have left school or have completed school, including those that are working, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Form

Do you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait islander?
Are you from a Culturally or Linguistically Diverse Background?
Do you identify as having a disability?
Please tick the school or education provider that you attend:
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By ticking this box I agree to uphold the mission, vision and guiding themes of Youth Circle, and have 80% attendance at Youth Circle Meetings and events.
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