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Warrnambool China Strategy

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Advancing Warrnambool as the leading ‘China Ready’ city in Australia


  1. Reinforcing and furthering government-to-government relations
  2. Expanding investment and trade
  3. Partnerships in Aged Care and Health
  4. Deepening Educational, Agricultural and Tourism exchanges and cooperation
  5. Enhancing the experiences and opportunities for Cultural, Arts and Sporting communities



Warrnambool City Council undertook a leadership role in developing the Warrnambool-Changchun Economic Development Demonstration Project, the first of its kind between Australian and Chinese sister cities. Supported by the Victorian Government, the investment in collaboration, shared goals, strong partnerships and leadership has created a gateway for Warrnambool and the Great South Coast allowing engagement and mutual gains, both cultural and economic, with China through the relationship with Changchun.

Understanding Chinese culture and business practice is a key to engaging with China. Through the Economic Development Demonstration Project, Warrnambool and the Great South Coast have a unique opportunity to generate economic activity through trade.

The attraction of the Chinese market has resulted in many countries and cities seeking to establish or expand economic ties with China.  The strength and diversity of Great South Coast’s products and services position our region well to capitalise on China’s economic growth.  This strategy seeks to support, consolidate and further the work the Warrnambool City Council has undertaken so far while outlining the role Council must play to leverage trade and investment opportunities, and ensure our regional economy and its businesses are prepared for China, are globally competitive and capable of providing prosperity for future generations.

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