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Temporary Structure Siting

The Building Act & Regulations requires temporary structures for events to have siting approval from the Municipal Building Surveyor from Councils City Building Department. 
You will need to make an Application for Temporary Structure Siting for approval to erect and use prescribed temporary structures including (as defined in Regulation 207):
Tents, marquees or booths with a floor area greater than 100m²
Seating stands for more than 20 persons
Stages or platforms (including sky borders and stage wings) exceeding 150m² in floor area
Prefabricated buildings exceeding 100m² other than ones placed directly on the ground
Under Section 53 of the Act all temporary structures (as prescribed above) will also require an Occupancy Permit issued by the Victorian Building Authority
The VBA Occupancy Permit approves the physical adequacy of the structure to ensure structural safety for the protection of the public and other persons using the structure. \
The purpose of Council approval by the Municipal building Surveyor via a Temporary Structure Siting approval,  is to ensure the event complies with all safety requirements such as exits, fire safety, public amenities and is suitably located and erected correctly.
Click the link on the right to download an Application for Temporary Structure Siting. 
An application can take up to 30 business days to assess, please ensure you make an application well in advance to your event. 

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