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St James Park

St James Park

Situated on the banks of the Merri River and one of the most recognised suspension bridges in South West Victoria, the Wollaston Bridge, St James Park is recognised as one of Warrnambool’s iconic open space areas.

St James Park is 4.9ha of public space owned and managed by Warrnambool City Council. Parks of similar size include Albert Park and Brierly Park, both of which are approximately 1,800m distance from St James Park. Its size, openness and locality near a river and established housing, means St James Park currently provides a variety of uses for the community and the environment.

The park is recognised as an informal park, with passive recreation serving as the community’s highest use for the site. Upon site inspection it is quite clear St James Park is currently not meeting its full potential.

This Master Plan has been developed using findings from a community engagement process, advice from stakeholders and experts in their field, and guidance from Council staff and Councillors. The plan identifies a 10 year vision fit to see St James Park reach its full potential as possibly a regional tourist attractor, meeting place for all members of the community and an environment asset which sets the standard for future open space developments.

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