ResCode Variation

What is a Rescode variation?

Rescode is a common term for the residential building code which is set out in Part 5 of the Building Regulations 2018.

This sets out the requirements for the siting of single dwellings and their associated outbuildings (sheds/garages/fences/walls) in residential areas.

Rescode covers siting matters such as minimum and maximum setbacks from the street, building heights, site coverage, walls on boundaries, overshadowing, overlooking and more. The primary objective of these requirements is to ensure the amenity of existing buildings is maintained and to respect the existing or preferred character of neighborhoods.

Rescode Variation refers to the process required to be undertaken where a proposed design for the siting of a dwelling or outbuilding which does not comply with these requirements.

The Minister's Guidelines No. 12 (MG/12) sets out the objectives and assessment criteria. You must ensure you meet the Minister's Guidelines otherwise an application for report and consent must be refused.

Applying for a Rescode variation

If you think you may need a rescode variation, you will need to discuss this with your draftsperson or architect and relevant building surveyor prior to applying.

When submitting an application please note that:

  • You must include all required documents noted in the Application (Form 1- section A), including the relevant response to the Ministers Guidelines objective and assessment criteria (Form 1 – section B)
  • Payment must be made before a response to the application will be provided.
  • The assessment timeframe of 15 business days begins once all the required documents are submitted. To avoid delays ensure your application is complete upon lodgement.
  • If affected neighbour referral is required, you can undertake this using Neighbours Referral for comments form (Form 2) available above for download. If you application requires this referral and is submitted without it, this will be undertaken by the Municipal Building surveyor on your behalf.

Any additional application enquiries can be made via telephone to City Building on (03) 5559 4800 or via email to

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