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All households should now have their new recycle bins.

If you don’t have it yet, or if your old recycle bin has not been collected yet, please contact the kerbside collection contractor on 1800 999 690.

Most recycling bins in Warrnambool were over 15 years old, so it was time to upgrade. The new bins have RFID technology in them which will help reduce lost and stolen bins and help to detect contaminated recycling bins.

The new bins are made from 30% recycled plastic. The old bins will be used for spare parts and the plastic component will be recycled into new bins .

For specific details about what can be recycled through your kerbside service visit Sustainability Victoria’s “Know Your Recycling’ website:

A word on glass

Glass can still be placed into your yellow lidded recycling bin until you get your glass bin.
This is because at this time VISY is still accepting glass mixed in with the other material. This will change in the future as the State Government has mandated that all councils will provide glass separation options for residents and other processors are already refusing glass.
If you would like to separate your glass before you get your glass bin there is a free glass drop off point for residents at Cleanaway – 355 Koroit St

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