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Rating Information

Properties have been classified for rating purposes in accordance with Council’s adopted Differential Rating Statement (ie. residential, commercial, industrial, farm, urban farm, residential use or recreational).

Rates & Charges 2021 – 2022

Classification How rate  is applied Rate in the dollar value
Other land rates
Cents in $ of CIV
Farm land rates Cents in $ of CIV 0.002293
Commercial land rates Cents in $ of CIV 0.006699
Industrial land rates Cents in $ of CIV 0.006180
Vacant land rates Cents in $ of CIV 0.006306 
Industrial 2 land rates Cents in $ of CIV 0.00483
Recreational land Cat 1 $ per property $24,148.52
Recreational land Cat 2 Cents in $ of CIV 0.003583
Municipal charge $ per property $281.29
Waste management charge $ per property $386.00

The Waste Management Charge is for Council's waste management operations and is levied on every improved property within the municipality. It covers domestic household rubbish collection where available, emptying public rubbish bins, public parks and gardens, street sweeping of City Centre and residential areas, cartage of rubbish to Naroghid and operations of Council's recycling program.

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