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Barry Hodson

Why choose Warrnambool?

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 6 March 2019

Most Warrnambool residents would know someone who moved to the city and is enjoying a better life because of it.

A new Warrnambool City Council survey aims to better understand why people make the move to Warrnambool, and what some of the perceived barriers are.

This time last year, Barry Hodson was commuting up to 70 minutes each way to work in the gas industry in Melbourne. Today, he enjoys playing golf, going out for lunch and volunteering at Flagstaff Hill.

Mr Hodson, who is in his early 70s, made the decision with his wife Clara to retire in Warrnambool.

He said that the idea came when visiting his son and his family, who moved to Warrnambool for work four years ago.

“We came down here for holidays and on weekends and I thought ‘I just love it in Warrnambool,’” he said.

“This is like paradise to me. It really is. 

“Everybody is so friendly in Warrnambool. Everybody’s got time for you.

“I can’t emphasise this enough. Warrnambool is the place to be.”

Warrnambool Mayor Tony Herbert said that as Victoria’s most liveable city, Warrnambool had a lot to offer new residents.

“Two recent independent studies by Deloitte and Ipsos show that Warrnambool is more liveable than Melbourne, and it’s certainly something that I am very proud of as both a councillor and a lifelong resident,” he said.

“I’m fortunate enough to have been born in Warrnambool, spent some time away studying and chose to move back. It was home for me. But for many, making the move away from somewhere like Melbourne can be daunting.

“We all know someone who has moved to Warrnambool and wishes they’d done it sooner.

“I think we all know someone as well who keeps talking about moving to Warrnambool, but they haven’t done it yet.

“In this role, I have met many new residents who just can’t believe the lifestyle, opportunities and high quality services we have in the city.

“The March long weekend is always a busy time with tens of thousands of people visiting our region. We want to know what we can do to make some of them stay and would love for them to go to the website and complete the survey.

“Who knows? It might just get you thinking of that better life you always dreamt of.”

To complete the survey, visit Hard copies are available at the Civic Centre, 25 Liebig Street.



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