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City of Warrnambool Council 1918.

Warrnambool City set to turn 100

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Wednesday, 28 March 2018

If you were to bury a time capsule marking Warrnambool’s 100th anniversary as a city, what would you put in it?

It’s the question Warrnambool City Council is asking the community as part the celebration of Warrnambool’s 100 years as a city.

“A Warrnambool engineering company will build a time capsule into which we’ll place items that tell the story of our city,” Warrnambool Mayor Cr Robert Anderson said.

“We’re asking the community for ideas on the items we should place in the time capsule.

“We’ll shortlist the suggestions then have a vote on what goes in.

“Bear in mind that the time capsule will be buried for many years – that means nibble pies are out!”

To make a suggestion for the time capsule go to

Warrnambool was officially gazetted as a city on April 5, 1918.

In May that year then Governor, Sir Arthur Stanley, travelled to Warrnambool where, from the steps of the Town Hall, he proclaimed Warrnambool a city.

The occasion was recorded in By These We Flourish by CE Sayers and PL Yule:

“In May 1918 Warrnambool became only the fourth non-metropolitan town in Victoria to achieve the status of a city. Warrnambool’s steady progress since becoming a town in 1883, combined with the economic impetus and inflation of the war, had increased the rate revenue to a level entitling it to become a city.

“The celebrations on the day of proclamation, 23 May 1918 were somewhat subdued due to the war, but there was nonetheless a large crowd in front of the Town Hall to hear the Governor, Sir Arthur Stanley, make the official proclamation. Sir Arthur’s speech was mildly condescending and concluded as follows:

‘whether the reading of the proclamation had the magic effect of transporting the town into a city or not he could not say, but if any words of his were required to complete the transformation he could hereby make use of the magical formula and declare that ‘Warrnambool is now a city’.”

A civic reception will be held for past and serving councillors at the Lighthouse Theatre on April 5.

A public celebration of the centenary will be held at Flagstaff Hill on Sunday, May 27.

“Flagstaff Hill will be open to the public for free from 11am to 3pm that day,” Cr Anderson said.

“We’ll have a free barbecue, musical entertainment, volunteers in the fashions of 1918, a cannon firing and games from the era.”



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