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Glass at Lake Pertobe

Vandalism at Lake Pertobe

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Council staff picked up more than 100 broken alcohol bottles at Lake Pertobe after a spree of vandalism late on Friday night, January 11.

Staff were called in early on Saturday morning in order to make the park as safe as possible before families and holiday makers arrived for the day.

Alcohol is only allowed to be consumed at Lake Pertobe from 11am-2pm and 4pm-10pm each day.

Assets Coordinator John Finnerty said that it was believed a group of about 15 people caused the damage.

“CCTV cameras are now in operation on Pertobe Road, and we will work with the police to investigate this incident and hopefully identify the perpetrators,” he said.

“Throwing and breaking glass bottles in a children’s play area is irresponsible and reckless. Our staff have done their absolute best to pick up all of the thousands of glass shards, but it only takes one to cause someone a pretty nasty injury.

“Perhaps the most disappointing part was that as well as bottles being thrown in the toilets and the barbecue areas, they were also deliberately smashed in the water areas where children play.

“Unfortunately, I’d have to ask that everyone, especially parents, be extra vigilant of any pieces of glass at Lake Pertobe.”

Mr Finnerty said that while a ban on glass had been suggested in the past, it would probably not stop incidents like this occurring.

“This is a disgraceful act of vandalism. Most people using Lake Pertobe do the right thing and leave it clean and tidy,” he said. 

“In recent years Council has worked much more closely with police and security to regularly patrol the Lake Pertobe and foreshore precincts, and thankfully incidents like this are rarer than they used to be.

“If any members of the public ever see anyone acting anti-socially, please contact the police immediately.”


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