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Street art masters to hold Warrnambool workshop

News Article Date: 
Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Local artists will have the opportunity to work with three of Australia’s most celebrated street artists to make their mark on the city.

Former Warrnambool resident Scottie Neoh (known as Bonsai) will be flanked by fellow professionals Ghostpatrol and TwoOne for a three-day workshop to share their skills and expertise with aspiring mural artists.

The crew will work on the blank culvert under Mortlake Road and the Lake Pertobe maze from January 23-25.

The second aspect of the project is devised to encourage young people to pursue an interest in mural-making. The Lake Pertobe maze will be repainted with interested youngsters invited to grab a spray-can and add some colour.

The Lake Pertobe maze in particular has a special resonance with Bonsai.

“It's the exact location at which I became hooked on the art-form as a teenager,” Bonsai said.

“I was at Lake Pertobe on my 17th birthday in January 2000 and spent a whole day watching the maze being spray-painted by three mural artists.

“After getting to know the artists, they invited me to paint something of my own and it went from there.”

Bonsai has since gone on to become a highly successful street artist, working primarily in Melbourne.

The project is financially supported by the Department of Justice Anti-Graffiti Fund, the Warrnambool City Council and Brophy Family and Youth Services.

Warrnambool Art Gallery Curator of Exhibitions and Outreach Gareth Colliton said that the project would help build on our already thriving and vibrant creative community.

“We've got the talent and we've got the concepts. There is a huge variety of very specific skills in the visual arts and we can expand on these by inviting artists to share ideas, discover new media, learn about other places and collaborate on unique projects,” Mr Colliton said.

“The opportunity to work with and learn from three great artists like Bonsai, TwoOne and Ghostpatrol is truly special and I am looking forward to seeing the short and long term benefits of this workshop.”

The three-day workshop is $100 to attend with interested artists invited to contact the Warrnambool Art Gallery for details at gallery [at] warrnambool [dot] vic [dot] gov [dot] au or 5559 4949.

Spaces are limited and registration closes at 5pm on Friday January 16.

About the Artists

Scottie Neoh is an artist working out of a studio on the Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria. He has used his many years of working as a graffiti artist together with his love of nature and geometry to distil a style that is very much his own.

A former Warrnambool resident, Bonsai contributed to the Lake Pertobe maze in 2000 before returning to paint the stunning animal mural in the Mortlake Road culvert in 2014.

TwoOne has had works commissioned across five continents as well as painting several large-scale and highly recognisable murals around Melbourne.

In 2004 Hiroyasu Tsuri started to spread his recognisable animal charactered painting all over the Melbourne’s walls under the name of TwoOne. Since then painting walls and mural painting has become a big part of his life, as he travels internationally to new cities, countries, and places.

Ghostpatrol built an international reputation as a street artist working with ephemeral techniques such as stencilling and paste ups.

More recently he has focused on illustration, painting and installation. He is interested in physics, the future of the universe and introducing his viewers to complex concepts through his inviting characters and worlds.

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