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Cr Tony Herbert officially re-opens Wollaston Bridge December 2019

Restoration of a Warrnambool icon

News Article Date: 
Thursday, 12 December 2019

A Warrnambool icon has been carefully restored.

Wollaston Bridge was officially re-opened on December 12 after a $335,000 project to:

  • Improve the abutments connecting to the bridge to the path network
  • Replace timber cross beams and bracing as critical structural support for the suspension bridge
  • Replace deteriorated timber bottom truss, section of top truss and several posts
  • Install new decking and kerb in  a contemporary arrangement for improved cyclist and pedestrians safety

“There is a lot of emotion and sentiment attached to Wollaston Bridge and it is wonderful to see it restored and fully functional,” Mayor Cr Tony Herbert said.

“It is a much-loved city icon. It’s a beautiful structure and there is nothing quite like it in our region.

“It is a bridge crossed perhaps by most Warrnamboolians at some stage in their lives.”

“This bridge is important to us – both as a symbol of our past and as a practical way for pedestrians and cyclists to cross the Merri River.

“Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in the restoration on a job well done.

“In particular Council would like to thank Heritage Victoria which provided $195,000 towards the project to which Council added a further $140,000.”

While the recent work has restored the structural integrity of the bridge, some minor work will take place next year to improve the safety and aesthetics of the bridge.

“Wollaston Bridge is far from museum piece. It is used daily by many people,” Cr Herbert said.

“Ensuring an old piece of infrastructure meets current expectations will mean that some minor work will be carried out on the bridge next year including the installation of a fall protection system on the balustrade.

“We’ll also replace the sheet metal turrets over the cable roller system on top of the concrete pillars.”

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