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FOGO Collection

Residents in FOGO trial get it right on bin night

News Article Date: 
Friday, 9 March 2018

Warrnambool City Council’s first kerbside Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) collection has yielded an impressive 22 tonnes of material.

The FOGO collection is part of a four-month trial involving 1,682 households which have been provided with 240-litre green-lidded wheelie bins and kitchen caddies with compostable liners.

Warrnambool City Council City Amenity Manager Glenn Reddick said given it was the first time most residents had used a FOGO service it had gone extremely well.

“Overall contamination rates were very low, with residents overwhelmingly putting the right things in the FOGO bin,” Mr Reddick said.

“Residents had their bins for about a month before the first of the fortnightly collections, so there were plenty of lawn clippings and green waste from around the garden, but we were encouraged to see so many people using the compostable bags for their household organic material as well.

“About half of everything residents would previously have disposed of in their household rubbish bins can now go in their FOGO bin.

“Fruit and vegetable scraps are among the first that come to mind for most people but cooked or uncooked meat, including any bones, can go in the FOGO bin too.

“Other items that people might be in the habit of throwing straight in the bin like egg shells, avocado pips, coffee grounds, household dust and even hair are all best disposed of in their FOGO bin.

“Remember: if it grows, in it goes.

“We did still encounter some plastic in the FOGO collection. Plastic of any kind will contaminate the composting process and does not belong in the FOGO bin.”

Mr Reddick said that a FOGO collection had the potential to reduce waste costs while having a positive environmental impact.

“Diverting FOGO from Warrnambool garbage bins has the potential to reduce the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 4,000 tonnes of CO2 e (carbon dioxide equivalent) annually,” he said.

“This equates to removing 857 cars off the road every year.

“Sending one tonne of material to landfill costs $140 whereas FOGO costs less than $40 to process.

“With the increasing cost of recycling, FOGO has the potential to play a significant role in reducing waste costs.”

The trial will continue until the end of June.


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