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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Did you pay your pet registration by the April 10 due date? If not, you are risking a fine.

About 700 cat and dog registrations are still outstanding in the Warrnambool City Council municipality.

At the end of June Warrnambool City Council will begin the process of issuing infringement notices to residents with unregistered pets.

City Amenity Manager Glenn Reddick said that pet owners had been sent multiple reminders about paying their registration.

“Everyone is mailed a pet registration notice in March and we have sent follow up notices via mail and SMS to people who still haven’t been in contact with us,” he said.

“Some of the currently unregistered pets may have passed away, or the owner may have moved, but it’s important to let Council know so we can update our system.

“Under the Domestic Animals Act, all cats and dogs that are at least three months old must be registered. If this is the first time they have been registered, they also need to be microchipped.

“It is important to remember that having your pet microchipped is not the same as having it registered. Registration needs to be paid annually.

“Registration fees assist with the promotion of responsible pet ownership, walking paths, enclosures, off-lead areas and pound facilities.

“Registered pets are also much easier to reunite with their owners.”


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